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The project “The annual deep processing of 3 million tons of heavy oil to produce 200 thousand tons of butanol and octanol”

    The project “The annual deep processing of 3 million tons of heavy oil to produce 200 thousand tons of butanol and octanol” is located in Liaoning, within the Taian Economic District, at the Taian Exit of the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway. The project is situated at the center of the Liaoning coastal economic belt, the Shenyang coastal economic area and the Anshan booming economic belt. With the third largest oil field, the Liaohe oil field to its west and Anshan, the Steel City, to the east whilst being situated next to the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway and harbors such as those at Yingkou, Bayuquan and Jinzhou, the project benefits from a favorable location and convenient transportation links. The project covers an area of 1100 mu and has been projected to require a total investment of 5.17 billion Yuan. The project will construct facilities to allow for the pretreatment of 3 million tons of crude oil per year. Additionally, the project will develop a new type of flexible coking unit to cope with an annual output of 1.2 million tons with extra facilities designed to produce an output of 200 thousand tons of butanol and octanol annually and 80 thousand tons annually of MTBE.

    Benefiting from our research collaboration with domestic universities and research institutions Yutime Petrochemical has developed a novel type of flexible coking technology which utilizes M100 heavy oil from Russia as the raw material. The project mainly focuses on heavy oil cracking technology, MGG, which can produce large quantities of light olefins. Whilst some relatively inexpensive chemicals will be manufactured the project will focus on producing large-scale high-tech chemical industrial facilities to produce high value-added chemical products like butanol, octanol and MTBE.

    The scheme is one of the 100 Industrial Projects in Liaoning. After completion, the project’s sales revenues are projected to be up to 18.16 billion Yuan producing annual average gross profits of 1.47 billion Yuan. This project will again benefit the local area as it will provide employment for at least 1000 workers, allowing them to secure a skilled job with a successful and rapidly developing company.

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